∞  reasons to love this romanian cutie
  reasons to love this romanian cutie
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Sequel to Sherlock dancing 

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can we talk about sebastian stan’s legs for a moment?

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Some stories stay with us forever

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I dont like snowcones but if Disney’s Frozen ever gets a snow cone stand and the person who works there are frozen cast I will buy snowcone there.

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[fic doesn’t update for months] don’t you ever say i just walked away i will always want you

[fic suddenly updates] I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKINGBALL

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The Song of Epiphany

It’s 6:50 am and I haven’t slept since yesterday 3 pm and I am waiting for the sun to rise so I can get that wonderful shot of the break of dawn. I’m currently residing in Sebastpool, California at my dad’s current work and I’m still in my jogging attire as I just worked out.

This post is about my work or rather, the epiphany while I was working out.

I did a few laps of jogging in a steep and narrow pathway of cars, where in fact only one SUV can fit. It runs from the main gate up to the main house. That is a long way to go. I estimated it to be 20-25 meters the best. It was a rocky, non-semented pathway, like I said, it was for cars.

As I went my way there and halted for a walk after the cold northern air took my breath away, I picked up a rock and my mind went away to form a metaphor making an analogy of a single small piece of rock, to a form of life.

My mind went like this: ” Rocks are like any cold hearted person. It is weak. It is broken off by nature or by man from it’s origin- family, and it does not search for it ever. It does not even look for a friend or a loved one. It just sits where it was left by the the thing or person which cause it’s isolation. Thus, it is comared to a cold human being or rather a person whom others refer to ‘people who does not have a heart.’ This kind of people due to the forces of nature or the living, becomes cold hearted people after an incident happens. They do not think of anything other than theirself. They do not go and seek a friend’s comfort or a family’s warmth. They just stand there and do nothing. They are weak in that way, because what makes a person strong is having a family by your side. Now, what about those who does not have a family anymore? Let me remind you that a family is not simply your biological relatives but rather a group of people or even just one, a person who loves you with all their heart/s, and accepts you despite your flaws is what a family is.”

There ended my realization and I heard the birds hum.

A sweet melody, it is. The song of epiphany.

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